Toe Update

Merrell v Toes

It’s been two weeks since I broke my toe. I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor today.

Most of the discussion revolved around her pleading with me to continue wearing the walk boot, the cam walker, that keeps my toe straight and keeps me from bearing weight through it. (If you don’t remember, the toe is broken pretty badly. An orthopedic surgeon even recommended surgery for it – two screws.)

I go back in four weeks. I told her that I’d keep it on for at least two and, maybe, a firm-soled shoe for the next two (this was partially her plan).

The rest of my visit was a discussion of the shoe on my other foot. On my first visit, I was wearing a Vivo Barefoot. This visit I was wearing my Merrell Barefoot.

She said, “That shoe won’t do at all. You need something firm. Like a new pair of Asics. What is that shoe? It’s like not wearing anything.”

I told her the type and followed with, “It’s got a wide toe box, no arch support, the ball of my foot is inline with the heel. And no wacky heel training wheels either.”

“Well, that won’t do. You’re going to need something firm to support your toe,” she said.

I’d just as soon wear the boot than try to shove my feet into neuvo-sneakers. It’s been five years since I’ve had my foot in something like that – other than the odd wedding and couple of golf games. I’m not going to shove one in now.

I’d just as soon keep wearing the cam walker.


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