House-less; Not Homeless

My friend, David Thompson, not-too-long ago lost his Wife. He retired from his job. And now he has sold his home. His life will change. He writes:

I will be house-less, but not homeless … What I want to do is go see friends and family. I want to spend a few days here and there, laughing and enjoying their company … I’ll look into a mobile-house. I don’t need much, just a galley, a place to clean myself, a place to sleep, and room to work. Much can be done outside (especially the cooking), but I want a warm, dry place for the Girl (his beloved dog) and myself.”

You can read about it in this post on his blog: A New Beginning.

Or, better yet, follow him on his new adventure on his blog Random Ruminations.


2 thoughts on “House-less; Not Homeless

  1. Thank you, sir! This is going to interesting, for sure. And, watch out, because I will be headed out your way later this summer and am planning to stop by for a visit. You have been warned! :)

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