An Unfortunate Step


That is an x-ray of my broken big toe.

How did that happen? I’ve taken to saying, “I took an unfortunate step.”

If you really want to know, I’ll tell you. But it’s a little jiu-jitsu geeky … and I’m not going to explain the geekiness:

I was in top half guard. I’d already established top head-and-arm control with chest-to-chest pressure and was proceeding to misalign his spine to get around his legs. But then he made a little space and I’d lost chest-to-chest pressure.

When this happens, I don’t press the issue and force a technique, I move on. And stand.

My goal is start a modified toreando (“bull fight”) pass. As part of the pass, I must step forward with my left foot.

When I stepped forward, either my toe got caught in the mat or my balance was disturbed. Instead of landing on the ball of my foot, I landed on my toe. And it snapped.


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